title:Belief Authority
artist:溝口 ゆうま (Yuma Mizonokuchi)
vocal:大瀬良 あい (Ai Ohsera)
lyrics:大瀬良 あい (Ai Ohsera)
circle:セブンスヘブンAmmy’s (Seventh-Heaven Ammy’s)
album:フラクタル (fractale)
released:Dec 30, 2010 / C79 / AMS-01

+ ORIGINAL:妖怪モダンコロニー / Youkai Modern Colony
[ダブルスポイラー ~ 東方文花帖 Photo theme 2]

Appeal to Greatness



Daiyousei regarded the Tengu with a displeased frown. “Essentially immortal or not, I would be quite cross with thou if attempted such a thing. I may not be powerful, but bear in mind I can prevent thou from feeling happiness.” Yes, this calm little faerie just gave him a threat, though it is uncertain whether she’ll be able to follow it through.


The sudden change of mood took Daiyousei by surprise, but the faerie simply sighed and decided to go along with it. “I do not mind. I shall try to answer them with the best of my ability.”

That was a new one, actually, and it gave the reporter a moment’s pause. Could she do that? The risk-taker narrowed its proverbial eyes across the table at the Fairy, but couldn’t bring its self to call her bluff. After all, happiness was one of the few joys in his life!

Best get used to it, Fae; Tengu’s thoughts and emotional states are less predictable than the winds. Except for curiosity taking the forefront; that’s pretty reliable. Daichi dismissed thoughts about Daiyousei rendering him anhedonic, and instead focused on questions. “For one thing, I’ve heard that you’re not natively from Gensokyo… If that’s true, you’d be the first Fairy I’ve ever heard of coming from elsewhere. Where did you come from?”


"Ah… Did Reimu really say that? Well, how nice of her. But you know what? I think you may be better than me. Six youkai in one day is definitely awesome." Minako assured, closing in on Mika’s forehead to kiss it. "I have a good feeling that you will be the strongerest yourself."

Mika nodded with all the absolute confidence that only a nine year old girl could muster. “Momma says Grammy is suuuuuuuuper strongerest! You punched Youkai before the spellcards, right?” The kiss to the forehead was greeted with more giggling. “Uh huh! I’m gonna be just like Momma and Grammy and beat up allllllll the bad Youkai! Can I have some sake too, Grammy?”

Where There’s Blood, There’s News


With a harsh ‘meow’ Agnes was tossed onto the ground like a rag doll as the vampire scaled onto the roof like some sort of half-wit circus performer, “Jesus Christ, what’s your problem?” Questioned the lanky vampire as he found himself up on the roof along with the strange oriental bird, “Agnes belongs to my roommate, she isn’t even mine!” Griped the victorian as he hissed vehemently at the hairy fur ball to leave.

Poor cat… Sort of.

"Sorry, but no, I’m not Jesees, this lesser one was named Daichi Yuutamo," he corrected while keeping a close eye on the feline on the ground. "And my problem, as you say it, Honored, it that your room mate’s monster there looks hungry. It’s unnerving."

Still, even as the Tengu tried to suppress his shivers of fear, one could easily observe the shift in his demeanor towards curiosity. “Those are some odd clothes you’re wearing, Honored. Accent too. Where are you from, if this lesser one might ask?”

Collateral News


Predictable ending or not, Daichi should be careful. If Momo gets killed, he’s facing a fate far worse than something like broken wings: lost poms. The Patrol Commander might be a mysterious figure, but don’t doubt she’ll come down on the person who got her daughter killed like a ton of bricks.

"Of course! There’s no point in just rushing in without being prepared, after all. I’ll do my own research as well." Though her research would probably consist of finding a few  books and asking her parents and friends. Nothing too intensive. "I’m with you a hundred percent on this!"

Oh, the shame that would carry! It’s one thing to lose a pom to a higher ranked Karasu, but to have to turn it over to a Wolf? That would be pretty brutal.

Daichi beamed and offered the ex-cadet a low bow. “Jisen for your assistance, Ms Yanagi!” While he had stated that this would be mutually beneficial, the Daitengu’s share of the glory was definitely in the Karasu’s favor.

Just the way he likes it.

"So! How long do you think you’ll need before we can seek her out?"

Walking Dead and the Crows That Harass Them



"Sorry, buuut that’s kind of a closely kept secret~!" Her two hair-tentacles raise. "So, Mayu’s gonna have to slime you up so you can’t say anything to anybody~!


Rapid head-shaking and waving his arms in the negative.


"W-Wha—?" Mayu huffs, backing off of Daichi and looking flustered. "Well, Mayu didn’t know it was a joke—! You gotta give her some context with these things, Master!"


"…J-Just…ex-plain him…the thing…"


"Alright… If you think you can trust the reporter-guy with this…" Mayu clambers back onto his shoulders, before starting. "Well, Master comes from a country pretty far to the west originally. Some bad stuff happened there and Master got killed dead because humans are dumb and and do dumb stuffs for dumb reasons."


"…Buuut Master’s mommy was really all kindsa smart, so she brought him back to life with blood and a working body and stuffs because I guess she didn’t want a zombie. I guess his body had to get broken up for it to work. So here he is!" She pauses. "…Oh, yeah. Um… Master, what do they call what you are, anyway? Mayu doesn’t think you can really be called human, anymore…”


A shrug.

"Beats m-me."

Congrats, you two answered the question without answering the question! :D

Barring the threat of being slimed, whatever that might entail, the Tengu was thoroughly enjoying the conversation. If nothing else, after the initial reticence, Viktor seemed to be opening up more. More data to be consumed and processed by the voracious reporter’s mind.

Daichi also couldn’t help but nod his head in agreement at the snail Youkai’s assessment about Humanity’s intellectual prowess and motivations. ‘Dumb’ summed it up nicely.

"Are you from France, Honored? Your name sounds France-ish to me," Daichi inquired in what he hoped was a sagely tone. It was a less than educated guess on his part, but really, his exposure to European languages was fairly limited. "And how did your mother bring you back to life, if you aren’t a Jiang-shi? Was your mother from China as well?"

After another moment’s thought, the Karasu pulled a bottle from his robe and stepped closer to the pair. “How about we continue this over some cool sake? Maybe you can tell me how you two met?”

Carrion or Carrion?


More so than feathery shitlords. It’s an improvement.

Mystia sagely nodded, thinking she wouldn’t have to deal with a possibly injured child. But then the Yuutamo influence happened, causing her to blink in both confusion and surprise. “Ehe, it’s true that I’ve recently worked well with a partner. but the one I usually fight with isn’t anywhere near here. I’m not sure I can be of much help in this state.”

Quite telling when Hakurei blood is a moderating force in one’s life.

"Awwwwwwww," Mika whined as she hopped up and down. "No, I’m sure you’d be reeeeeeally helpful Mystia!" Still, the tugging had ceased, and it would only take a few seconds of bouncing before the fledgling gave up. "But Momma always says I can’t force people to play with meeeeee…" No rules against pouting though, which she employed without a moment’s hesitation. "What do you wanna do then, Miss?"

*touches your beak briefly, then floats off into the distance with a look that says "well, that made my day"*

The Tengu stood… Confused. Definitely more than a little bit confused at the Tsukunogami’s actions. Why him? Why his beak? Was there something here he didn’t understand? Some hidden truth locked within the tactile sensation of petting his keratin schnoz?


"You’re welcome, I guess?"

He’ll probably never know.

"You seem like you get around a lot. How often do you worry about catching cherpies?"

Daichi tried really hard to think of a good pun to return fire with, but the best he could come up with was a poor combination of chisel and chlamydia. Truly, it wasn’t the bird’s best work.

He huffed, and opted for the indignant response instead. “Are your hairloops wound too tightly? We stay pretty clean on the Mountain, unlike lowlander trash the flaps about with corpses! Makai, we don’t even get mites very often!” Another huff for good measure!

Daichi Daichi! You should take good care that nobody teaches your daughter naughty words! But of course you can always trust me, always... always~

"Bad words? No! No, Missssss Pretty!" Mika chided the older woman with a stern finger waggling as her father struggled to contain his laughter. "You can’t use bad words or it makes the Oniiiiiii sad!"

Best part? With her hearing, there’s almost no way she won’t hear all sorts of interesting and varied curses.

"Daichi, you should be proud so many people seem intent on ruining your day. That means you're famous, you know?"

"Ms Lorelei can’t be wrong about everything, I suppose.”

"What happens if a pom is stolen? If the Tengu can't get it back, what then?" Fairies asking the important questions.



My, that was a distressed tone! You’d almost think that Daichi didn’t like that idea very much…

"That’s… Unthinkable, Honored! We don’t even have punishments for something like that! Who would even think of such a thing?!”




That is all.

And then Daichi lifted poor Wriggle and rubbed her all over his wings.

"Ah! That’s better. Jisen, Ms Bug."

"Hey Daichi! Just wondering, what was your first drink like? Inquiring minds want to know!"

"Honestly, Honored Zagel, I have no idea,” the reporter answered with a shrug. “Makai, it’s been more than 210 years!”

Truth is, he doesn’t remember because his first drink quickly blended into his first real bender… His dorm matron had accidentally left a bottle of whisky unattended, and the intrepid little fledgling had chugged it all with relish.

Pictured below; the next day, when the matron found out.


The spanking that followed was savage, but Daichi had viewed it as worthwhile. On that day, he discovered a love that would last him his entire life.