Karasu is a novel about yokai in feudal Japan. You can read it here.

[[It is no exaggeration to say that Jisuk is one of the best story tellers I’ve ever encountered. Read Karasu. Read Fishbones too.]]


Karasu is a novel about yokai in feudal Japan. You can read it here.

[[It is no exaggeration to say that Jisuk is one of the best story tellers I’ve ever encountered. Read Karasu. Read Fishbones too.]]

Even Dead Girls Have Questions Too!


"Hakurei? Am I supposed to be impressed?" She has no clue what this Hakurei is, but listening to Daichi gave her some idea. She apparently maintained the barrier that kept this place separated from other people. In a way, Phage was impressed. After all, sealing off a section of land is no small feat. "But that still just fuels me more, birdman. If this woman is as immortal as you claim, then it just makes me want to find her more. Immortality may be nice for some, but I’ve met immortals, birdman. They are nothing compared to me. But I will not attack her, as is the terms. Provided you satisfy my curiosity."

"So people no longer believe in you? These people sound like idiots. After all, being a planeswalker means you see things no one else can see. Yes, I may not have seen birdmen like you, but from the other planes I have visited, there were elves, goblins, other zombies -though much weaker than yours truly-, dragons, elementals, and that’s just a small speck. Perhaps I could take to summoning a creature for you? Oh, don’t worry. It’s perfectly harmless. My touch may bring death, but my spells are non-lethal." For the most part.

"Well, I guess the Hakurei name doesn’t mean much to an outsider, but if you cross her path, I’m sure you’ll be adequately impressed." He paused for a moment and carefully considered how to continue in regards to his immortal friend. "Ms Houraisan would probably welcome you into her home for tea and conversation if your curiosity is piqued, but I’ll happily answer questions if that will spare her a fight."

Daichi shifted on his captured air cushion and itched to take notes as Phage spoke, but he wasn’t sure how she’d interpret the action. “I’m not sure of the specifics, as I was a mere fledgling when Gensokyo was sealed, but yes, the Humans have lost faith in Youkai as a whole, my people included. Either way, if their stupidity keeps us safe here, I’m happy enough without them being planeswalkers.” Whatever that was, he quietly added to himself. The unfamiliar species names, among the few known ones, further added a degree of mystery to Phage. “I’ve seen a lot of the things you mentioned, but what’re Elves and Goblins? Never heard of those… If your summoning is harmless, then jisen. Yes please.”

Where There’s Blood, There’s News


The phrase ‘500 years old’ caused a dreadful image to manifest within Jasper’s brain as two dreadful looking vampires took hold of his imagination, “If the Scarlet sister’s are ‘new’ then I’d hate to see how ‘old’ Ms. Key-rue-my is!” Still challenged by Japanese the vampire opted for something easier to pronounce, and so his speech drifted towards Ms. Gail and how the two had met, “I unknowingly bought Ms. Gail’s house from an unreliable source, and so when her shop burned down she came back here to stay and that’s how we met… We’ve got a pretty nice arrangement going on if I do say so my self!”

The Tengu cocked his head to the side. “Ms Kurumi doesn’t look that old, at least to this lesser one’s eye. I mean, she does featherless wings, which is unfortunate and awful looking, but we can’t all but Karasu, right?”

Purely for the record, this writer would like to add that he didn’t take the opportunity for an easy ‘long in the tooth’ pun. You’re welcome.

"Ha! I’ll bet that must have been quite a meeting!" Daichi chuckled and began digging through his robe’s inner pocket. "Did you or she break the door down?" he inquired as his hand quietly returned bearing a bottle, which was immediately offered to Jasper. "And what sort of arrangement do you two have? Do you pay her rent now, or just co-own the home?"

Amphibious Combat Journalism


"Ah, I was wondering when he would fight back." A sense of relief coursed through the water-dweller upon seeing her opponent’s green bullets intersecting with her own; interview or not, a duel without both participants firing danmaku wasn’t much of a thrill nor spectacle from Nitori’s point of view.

Taking note of Daichi’s bullets, this situation required a shield or a counter of sorts. Upon realisation of this fact, a smirk appeared on the kappa’s face, whose cards carried either one or the other - or even both. Standing her ground, Nitori took out a card at random. A quick glance at her choice prior to activation:


Flood: Ooze Flooding! Normal!

A torrent of ooze materialized, then formed a wall around the kappa; mere seconds after formation, spheres emulating bubbles shot out from her barrier towards the tengu. “Friendly duel or not, I’m not holding back~!” A playful taunt to one’s foe, indicative of her competitive nature; contrary to her apparent shyness, Nitori enjoyed duels, even moreso during the utilization of higher level cards. For now, at least, she settled on a normal level card, intending to increase the difficulty later on.

Only the truly generous, or scathingly sarcastic, would call Daichi’s counteroffensive fighting back… A more apt description might include words like inept, bumbling, or even incompetent. Were she to see the duel, Reimu might lament the hours of wasted time she spent giving her husband danmaku lessons each week.

This really is a woman’s sport, he groused as he struggled his way through another line of blue danmaku. Normal?! Yepruna ba! Daichi tried to keep his focus on dodging, while just letting his pattern weave its self, but his attention kept sliding around and his bullets weren’t even posing a modest threat to the Kappa.

Nitori’s constant barrage wore his endurance down with little grazing hits until his focus on his spellcard was disrupted completely. The field of magic burst as the reporter’s first card was broken. “Daersih ohw!” Such profanity! “Can… Can I catch my breath for a second? That’s not fair… Phew… Leading with your powerful cards first! Aren’t you supposed to start with weak stuff first?”

Hold on, I can translate that to the idiot. Ah-HEM. GET YO DICK BACK IN YO PANTS BEFORE I CUT IT OFF.



How kind of you for his sake to presume that I would use a knife or would want my person to be anywhere near it~

I can easily mangle whatever I wish from hundreds of meters away.

"… Stupid bow."

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Side Jobs


Ah, so the Tengu wasn’t exactly just a simple intruder, but one that already made a name for itself into the mansion, or something like that? Luka could remember something that the Head Maid warned him on, about some feathered troubles with a kick of slipping into the first open window and pester whoever came to sight first, but certainly he didn’t expect them to be, well, more than very bothersome birds.

Yet, here it was, one of those ‘nuisances’, now chatting with him in a friendly manner. Wasn’t for a series of things, first of all being that Luka was in a world completely unknown to him, the one being interviewed would actually be the tengu itself, as Luka had so many questions about that world and it’s inhabitants.

”I see…T-Though, for the next time, please do not enter so suddenly, or at least please do not send all the dust flying with your wings, Sir.” Luka knew already how said request was probably going to be ignored, but he had at least to try, no? Well, with that aside, Luka quickly stood up and turned his back to the tengu, to reach his backpack and quickly taking out of it both a a metallic teapot, a little box which contained a few teabags, and his own canteen, with which he filled the teapot before placing it over a small metallic grid that stood over the fire.
Ehi, you can say many things about the kid, but Luka surely knew how to live in a camp, isn’t it?

”Ah, my world?” He repeated as he worked with the teapot. ”It’s…really not that different from this one, I guess. Though, I didn’t see much of it yet, and I might be wrong.” Well, some differences are already clear to Luka, the gender of the Monster Boy in front of him proving so, but for the rest it was still hard to give a precise explanation of what was different. ”I think what really is different is how in this world there are both humanoid-like and completely monster-like ‘monsters’…if that makes some sense.

A-And, n-nice to meet you, sir Yuutamo. My name’s Luka a-and it is a pleasure to meet you too…formally.” Didn’t they greet each other already though? Oh well.

simple intruder? Why, the nerve! Tengu are exceptional intruders; noble in purpose, expert in execution! Truly, any home that one sneaks into is blessed. If Daichi were privy to the boy’s thoughts, he’d… Oh, wait, hold on. You’re saying he wasn’t just a common intruder? Carry on then.

Much as the fake hero predicted, the reporter waved aside his request as breezily as one might decline an offer of a cup of stale tea. “I have to go where the news is, Mr Luka; the winds of journalism carry me as they will,” he remarked as the young man began preparing tea. Makai, he couldn’t even remember the last time he’d had tea from a camp\fire!

"Very Human-centric thinking, but I take your meaning." The Karasu nodded at their second greeting. “Though, it would definitely benefit you to remember that the more Human a Youkai may look, the more powerful they tend to be…”


"All the more vicious too! If Ms Yakumo is in a mood, she’s just as likely to turn you inside out as offer you tea."

"That’s why it’s best to trust Youkai with wings! You know what we are, so there’s no question about our intentions!" ‘Cause that makes sense, right? "What were the Youkai in your world like?"


Karasu WIP

"Lazy ba ansree lowlanders… Maybe her next incarnation will be more thorough."

More bird for my buck, even when he’s not burding.

Reimu Hakurei
4th level Psion, Medium, Mutant Human

Mental Strength: 16 (+3)     HP: 60     Wounding Threshold: 30
Physical Strength: 14 (+2)  Defense: 12    Mental Defense: 19
Dexterity: 10 (+0)                Land Speed: 12
Constitution: 14 (+2)           Initiative: 1 
Intelligence: 12 (+1)            Mentality: Hedonist
Charisma: 14 (+2)               Edge: Artifact (H4Kurei Orb System)
Awareness: 10 (+0)

Mental Crush (4p)- 3d8 Blast damage and drains Energy Points.
Blink (2p)- Phases to dodge attacks
Maximize (3p)- Take a 20 rather than rolling, once per day.
Mettle (1p)- Charisma bonus applies to Mental Defense

Assert Will - +1 to all Mental attack rolls
Will Breaker - +3 to Mental attack rolls within Point Blank range
Brawler - +2 to hit and damage to Unarmed attacks
Inner Calm - +1 to all Self Control checks
Energy Well - +2 Energy Points per day
Silver Tongue - +1 to all Deception checks

Psionics +8, Force +5, Endurance +7, Self Control +7, Deception +6, Stealth +3.

Chain shirt (+1 Defense and damage reduction 2). Unarmed attack +7 to hit, 2d6+4 Crushing damage

Reimu Hakurei is many things, but subtle is not one of them. She is forthright and plain spoken, often using intimidation to get her way, and isn’t the least bit afraid to start a fight with people far more imposing than herself. When combat breaks out, Reimu immediately singles out the toughest adversary she can see, and proceeds to beat the tar out of them; close range Mental Crushes soften them up, and her punishing fists end the fight. Should anyone not immediately drop from her assault, she’ll use Maximize to immediately score a critical hit against them. Blink allows her to dodge incoming attacks by dropping out of reality for half a second, and Mettle makes her a tough target for enemy Psions.

To further augment her combat capability, Reimu has a pair of hovering spherical mechanoids that constantly guard her. The pair of hovering devices block incoming fire and are capable of delivering painful electrical shocks to any within 40 feet. She inherited the deadly H4Kurei Orb System from her mother, and considers them family heirlooms.


Also Ahri sketches 

Black and Blue


Observer or not, the birdman could probably at least distract the thing rather than watch it attempting to skewer Minato. He hadn’t really hoped for his attack to do quite that much to the poor tengu, but even so it did leave him with a small feeling of satisfaction, although not enough to show on his face. 

"Sorry about that, that’s a skill that hits pretty widely but also Byakko’s only physical skill right now," he called out, even if the apology part wasn’t terribly sincere. He tended to speak fairly flatly anyway, so most people didn’t notice if he tossed any little white lies about. Probably not a great habit to have, but he didn’t do it too often, at least, and in this instance it could probably be brushed off as just being courteous, or something. 

Minato walked over to the remains of the Shadow, pocketing the yen. The beetle’s shell was large and seemed like it would awkward to carry around, but perhaps there’d be one of those warp panels nearby and he could use that to just send it to the entrance. He hadn’t seen any so far on that floor himself, though…

"Hey, did you see any of the teleport pad things around? Usually in its own little corner, circle-y thing on the floor, gives off weird green hoops of light," he asked. "These things are annoying to lug around but they’re worth taking back all the same."

Quite frankly, the Tengu would have been just as happy to interview the Grave Beetle about the conflict between the Shadows and Humans. In a rare burst of wisdom, he decided not to mention that fact.

"Is that so," Daichi returned with every bit as much sincerity as the young man had offered. A sigh followed as the tattered robe was examined… It would necessitate a visit to Ms Hitomi, and that was something the reporter wasn’t looking forward to. "At least," he muttered, "you missed the poms…"

Circle-y? Well, at least that told him everything he needed to know about the state of magical knowledge in the realm. Daichi nodded and pointed back towards where he’d come from. “I saw a… Circle-y thing a few hundred meters that way. I can still hear it humming. Do you use them often?” With an open hand, he extended a hand towards Minato. “Want me to carry that for you?”



Yamanushi silently nodded, “those 10-92p’s?  You know I print those, right?  You can, if you are clever, still turn them in late.”

The old man was no fan of bureaucracy, being a relic from the violent days.

"Alright, hatchling, are you interested in getting credit for late work?"  Yamanushi leaned close, these were some tengu secrets to working the system, "Because I feel that if you make the kill, you ought to get recognized for it, right?"

Daichi groaned when the form’s designation hit his ears. A rather nasty reminder of his abject failure.

Still, the Daitengu was offering a glimmer of hope… And really, what could be better than hearing from one wiser than yourself that everything might just turn out alright? The younger man leaned forward, eagerly listening to each word as Kenmei offered them. “Yes, yes, Honored,” he agreed, nodding with conviction. “I have done the work, so it’s only fitting that I receive credit! What must this lesser one do?”