“Go away…”


Go away…”

Side Jobs


For many, Luka’s work could be considered quite heavy, for someone of his age and height. In fact, at a first glance, it was hard to even imagine him dealing with the load of work that he would face by being a maid at the Scarlet Mansion, so much that Luka had to often reassure those at the village where he bought his supplies that he was safe and sound. It didn’t help either than, rather than living in an inn, he decided to make a small camp right in the middle of the forest, a decision he took to avoid to get too many questions from the locals and as force of habit.

In short, for those who didn’t knew who Luka was, the main question was one : was he trying to be suicidal, or was he crazy? The true answer would come after they actually saw him in action, something Luka avoided if possible. Better for him if they kept wondering than getting scared of him, right?

Yet, even within the isolation he enjoyed and the dangerous surroundings he expected to drive off any curious visitor, someone was able to reach him, getting past the dangers by simply flying over them. It wasn’t someone new either, though it didn’t make a better event.


"A-Ah, greetings. You’re the…not too welcome guest of a few days before, aren’t you?" His words carried no malice, but more of a ‘parrot’ tone, as if the definition he used to describe the feathered person wasn’t his own, but of someone else, most possibly of the head maid itself.

"Yea, I do have some time, lest some monster decides to jump in." Even in this world, monsters always saw him as nothing more than a snack. And, exactly as in his world, they promptly got sealed into miniatures of themselves, which proceeded to quickly run away. Only thing that changed, in fact, was that he now could keep his pants on during a fight.

Can you really blame the villagers for worrying though? Luka wasn’t exactly an imposing figure, even with that ridiculous looking sword, and Gensokyo wasn’t known for being friendly safe even remotely close to hospitable to young adults living on their own.

"Not-Too-Welcome?" The Karasu chuckled. "I’ve been called worse. Yes, I’m the same Tengu you met then. This lesser one was named Daichi Yuutamo, Honored. What might I call you?" Even as he bowed in greeting though, his eyes were already scanning the camp. Something sounded off… Celestial maybe? Nah, he thought. Sounds more pained than that.

As he straightened up, his grin turned feral for a breath. “Though, I’m afraid that, if you’re waiting for a monster to appear, you’re too late. I am a Youkai after all…” That was probably supposed to sound menacing, but really, to a young man that stood up to true monsters and horrors, a bird man was hardly going to get a real response.

Even Dead Girls Have Questions Too!


Oh, and let’s not mention that he wound up bowing before Phyrexia, as he came to admire them. Yes, because when I think of things to admire, I think of the fleshing hating cult and their deranged god. 

"A Jiang-shi? I don’t think I’m whatever that is. I’m a planeswalker. People often assume I’m also a zombie, or an avatar of some kind. Could be because of the fact I look like a zombie, or the fact that my touch rots away almost anything."

Phage looked over the photographs, thinking aloud. “Lunarians? As in moon people? No no, she wouldn’t associate with them. I doubt her wings would allow her to fly that high…right?” Phage looked up, perhaps trying to see Akroma in the sky. Seeing no sigh of her, she shrugged. “Thank you, bird-man. These pictures were most useful. I’ll have new targets to pursue at my leisure.” Smiling, she looked around.

"So, this Gensokyo…what’s it like here?"

You say deranged God… I say visionary. Tomato, tomato; potato, Yawgmoth’s Will Be DONE!

Daichi spent a few moments wrestling with the idea that someone can be zombie-like, but not actually be a Jiang-shi. These moments stretched on for a few seconds before spoke again, “you do sound rather dead… And toxic. How does your touch rot things?” Leaning in a bit closer, the Tengu gave Phage a closer look. No new information was gleaned about whatever a Planeswalker was, but it never hurt to try… Until it did hurt.

"Oh, we have one living down in the lowlands too! She’s an exiled princess and… Targets?" The Tengu tensed up and took a few steps backward immediately.

"No, Honored Phage, you really don’t want to make an enemy of them.  For one, Ms Houraisan is immortal, and a very special friend of my family’s.” Well, at least one of them was. “Plus, the good doctor has saved my life a few times. If I tell you about Gensokyo, will you abstain from attacking them?”

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Steal a man's fish, deny him a hard day's work. Steal a man's bait, deny him the ability to have a hard day's work. Throw a tengu's poms into the lake, turn the man's workless day into a day of entertainment. Or, you know, get dismembered.

"Blyth tier!" Fair’s fair, but never so in a Tengu’s mind. Least of all when someone objects to his stealing their food… Er… Fish bait.


A moment of angry focus brought a passing breeze to swirl around the offending angler, and soon grew into a small tornado. Enjoy your flight, Mr Fisherman! Go catch six Magikarp and annoy someone with a real grindy battle!

Daichi then spent the rest of his evening fishing out his poms and drying them out. “… Mudfoot.”

Which one of you birds flew away with my bag of bait?

"Ifs wassh me, ‘Onored," Daichi slurred around a mouthful of worms. Really, this whole thing could be made a great deal funnier if he was allowed to lie. Then, we could be doing the whole Lying Child With Cookie Crumbs In His Mouth thing! But no… Just honesty here. How very boring.

"Do you have any more?"

" Hello again! I have brought you my peace offering of sake, again. " She proceeds to nudge the tengu's face with the tea again. Nudge. Nudge.

The tea cup collided with the bird’s cheek several times as his body became locked in place by a panicked mind. “Peace… Of the grave perhaps!" Okay, that’s just plain rude.


"Okay, Ms Onozuka… Please… Sefjisen! It’s not my time yet!" Maybe if Komachi weren’t so close? Ha, just kidding! He’d still be terrified. Too many close calls, mostly claw assisted, with death has left him a bit skittish around Shinigami. Oddly enough, his fear of the reapers isn’t actually associated with the activities that so readily lead to Encounters of the Deathly Kind, but just to the beings themselves.

300 Follower Art Giveaway


Well, since I just hit 300 followers, I’m going to do an art giveaway. Here are the guidelines.

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Well, now that that is taken care of, I wish you all the best of luck, and thank you for following me~

How did you come to choose Aya of all tengu as an idol? I was under the impression that her paper was unpopular among your people.

Somewhere, a writer sat at his keyboard and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Okay, cool your wings for a second," he immediately countered, raising a hand for a moment. "Yes, Senior Editor Shameimaru’s Bunbunmaru isn’t the most popular paper on the Mountain, but just because she doesn’t ever rank in the yearly competitions doesn’t mean it isn’t a quality paper!”

He huffed and crossed his arms defiantly before continuing in a petulant tone, “Senior Editor Shameimaru goes out and finds the news, unlike the rest of the Mountain. They just report on our own affairs, but that’s just picking the berries on the edges of the briar patch. Honored Shameimaru dives into the bush and finds more than the rest! Senior Editor Himekaidou cheats and uses her ability to see the news tidbits without any risk. That’s why I follow Honored Shameimaru’s way! Some day, I’ll make the rest of the Karasu see that what we’re doing is better!

Yeeeeep. Daichi had found the one other loser Tengu whose methods coincided with his own reckless mindset… Of course, the difference between them was that Aya was fast and competent enough to get away with it. That’s why he idolizes her so much; she’s able to go out into Gensokyo and get the story, but far more effectively than he does.

"Hey, Daddy Long Beak!" A greeting? Talk about improvement! Now all Hatate has to do is learn to give them by /actually looking/ at the person she'd be supposed to address, instead of draping over the windowsill like a sort of floppy towel to grinningly shake hands with their infants. Is 'grinningly' even a word? Hatate sure as ACK seems bent to foster a need for its usage. "Heard that Suzuki Strange News might be folding out any day now. Might wanna be careful, lest yours become the next. "

Daichi glanced up from his current task to bow his head towards the purple-clad intruder. Was he working diligently on his own paper to ensure quality and thereby rendering Hatate’s facetious warning invalid? Makai no! That was for suckers and lowland trash. No, he was busy folding one of the last issues of SSN into a paper airplane.

"Have to hand it to Senior Editor Suzuki," he remarked as he examined his handiwork, "she sure used good pap-"

"BA!" Mika interrupted as loudly as she could. The Purple Two Haired Thing had come back! It was even extending its grabby bits towards her! That meant it was time for Ups! The hatchling coo’ed and latched onto Hatate’s hand, pulling herself towards a better position to be picked up.

"Atta girl. You pull that mean woman’s fingers right off. Paper quality’s good, if nothing else," Daichi continued as he set the plane to its maiden flight, drifting right towards the other Karasu’s forehead. "Honored Suzuki clearly didn’t think her theme through though; trying to find uniquely weird news in Gensokyo is like trying to find a particularly drunk Teacher in an Underground bar."

Let’s just pretend that made sense to birds. 


"Of course, Intrepid Truth Press won’t run into that problem!" he crowed. "My reporters go to where the news is happening as it happens! We’re on-scene, regardless of danger to self! Not that you would understand, Honored Himekaidou, but it’s a tried and true journalistic theme!”

So, Daichi, you've talked quite a bit about poms and stuff, but are there any events in a young tengu's life that 'guarantees' a pom, in a sense? Is there any specific number of poms that is so low as to be alarming?

"If there was a guarantee, Honored, it wouldn’t really mean anything, would it?" He shook his head slowly. "No. There are no guaranteed poms, though it is exceptionally unusual for any Karasu student to complete their time at the Academy without earning at least one. Truly high flying students finish their classes with three."

Daichi waved the Gray closer as his voice dropped to nothing but a very faint whisper. “I graduated with two, which is fairly average, but my current assistant, Kouhei, finished with only one… And it wasn’t particularly illustriously earned. He’s quite sensitive about it.” He coughed into his hand and pushed the anonymous being away. “Anyway, while there aren’t really standards about what is ‘too few’ for us, one is expected to have a certain minimum before attaining certain ranks. Senior or Chief Editors, for instance, should have 10 or more,” which Daichi was two shy off, by the by, “but beyond that, it’s a simple rule of More is Better.”

Hi I’m kiddo and this is Jackass

"I came here from my old blog to tell you to get the fuck to work.

Not you, Daichi, you get a new barrel of Oni Sakè.

Your mun get one thousand years in the “complaining customers” hell if he doesn’t stop procrastinating”

Purely for the record, but I would watch the everliving hell out of Italian Literary Jackass if it featured Kiddo, RYO?, and Stephano. Seriously; just think about that for a minute.

Daichi simply fell to knees and spouted praise bordering on worship for as long as the Oni remained. G’job, Suika; you’re a Goddess now. Enjoy your faith.

As for the writer behind the screen, he seems less than thrilled to be reminded of things he already knows. He further grumbles that the Kiddo’s judgment is clearly too harsh! A 1,000 years? Hell, man, that’s almost a tenth of the monster’s projected lifespan! He’d like to retire before hitting 4,000, and being locked into a hellscape for a millennium just don’t mesh with that plan!

Fairy invasion! Well, no, one or two fairies. They brought some dolls, and are playing with Mika. One of them is sitting beside Reimu, knitting.

Any Fairies was an invasion, as far as the Tengu were concerned. Fortunately though, aforementioned reporter was away doing bird things at this time. For humor’s sake, we will say that he is being swarmed at the moment.

Chronology? Who cares!

Reimu, for her part, didn’t seem overly bothered by the intruders. Instead, she simply supervised her daughter and let everyone have their fun. Didn’t mean she didn’t have a few seals at the ready, but she saw no particular threat at the moment. The knitting Fairy did draw a few curious glances though. Didn’t look terribly fun, but the process was intriguing.

For her part, Mika was having a blast playing with the other Fairy and her dolls. She didn’t have much concept of the tiny dolls representing people, but the various limbs made for great handholds, allowing the toys to be swing around vigorously. There was much happy flapping and squealing.


Karasu by White-Mantis
Jisuk’s amazing tengu character, Shichi, from his novel “Karasu”. His art is amazing and really inspiring, so please take a look at his gallery!


Karasu by White-Mantis

Jisuk’s amazing tengu character, Shichi, from his novel “Karasu”. His art is amazing and really inspiring, so please take a look at his gallery!